32 Days of Omer 5780: Eternal Splendor, Netzach of Hod

Today is thirty-two days, which is four weeks and four days of the Omer in the year 5780. נצח שבהוד, Netzach ShebeHod, Eternal Splendor.

Sinking into the Mishkan

Today I allowed myself to be fully honest with the adults around me. I accepted the fierce embraces of my child with as much affection as he gave me. And I allowed my other child the space he needed to enjoy his new found love of computer games. 

We cannot see the end of this pandemic. There is no way to know for certain what our next steps should be individually or collectively. The distance between our experiences widen. 

I choose to sink into the knowledge that the eternal splendor of the Divine meets me in the dwelling place of my soul. 

Stepping into today

I will honor the holiness of my physical space by choosing to create and maintain a schedule for cleaning it, and for doing the laundry in a timely manner. 

Pop culture: the balm for my weary soul

The lack of purely adult space is a bit exhausting. Last night, I gave myself the gift of beginning to watch Outlander on Netflix. Perhaps one day I’ll also sink into the novels the show is based on. For now, I am grateful to watch adult humans focused on adult human emotions without robots or children being at the forefront of their dialog. 

Prayer for Eternal Splendor to Reach You

May you be able to set aside all that binds you to anxiety and fear.

I pray you have moments of respite in the day ahead. 

Let us come together in awe of the eternal splendor reaching towards us. 

Divine Mother, nourish us with your warm embrace.  

The other days of Eternal Splendor

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That book where Jamie has longer hair

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