34 Days of Omer 5780, Bonding of Splendor, Yesod of Hod

Today is thirty-four days, which is four weeks and six days of the Omer in the year 5780. יסוד שבהוד, Yesod ShebeHod, Bonding of Splendor.

How do you connect the splendid indwelling of the Divine with the material world?

From where in the material world do you praise HaShem?

What tangible gift to the eternal splendor of the Breath of Life have you made?

Parenting is the greatest sacrifice and deepest joy I have ever known. I lived a long time before becoming a parent. And I knew I hadn’t fully become myself, even at the advanced maternal age of thirty-five. 

Remembering the bonds that root us

And so, as we all try to clear space in our heads for ourselves, may we remember the bonds we have with other humans are stronger than the chasm of space between us.

Our bonds are deeper than the arguments we have on Facebook. We may never all agree on the breadth of the threat we are currently facing, but one thing is for certain: the bonds of humanity connect HaShem to this world. 

Deepen understanding through the Enneagram

To deepen my connection to the world beyond my head, I plan to dive back into the Enneagram this summer. Books by Riso & Hudson on The Wisdom of the Enneagram and Personality Types introduced me. A good friend recommended Awareness, a book that connects the Enneagram to Jewish insight. So these are on my summer reading list. I pray to gain insight about the foundation through which other people see the world: the many prisms of personality through which we think, speak, and act. 

I am a Reformer in case that wasn’t clear from my writing. 🙂

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Enneagram Books

Image by Kim Hester via Pixabay.

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