38 Days of Omer 5780: Harmonious Bonding, Tiferet of Yesod

Today is thirty-eight days, which is five weeks and three days of the Omer in the year 5780. תִּפְאֶרֶת שביסוד, Tiferet ShebeYesod, Harmonious Bonding.

What binds you to life during this pandemic?

My four year-old scream crying for an hour. Refusing to eat a single sauce-drenched carrot slice. 

The six year-old focused intensely on computer games. Willing to take a brief respite for the Tickle Monster. 

Older husband, mocking my attempts to take a break from writing my finals to watch Netflix, whilst the four year-old insists on hanging out with me. Remind me that there would be even less room for my casual indulgence if there were more souls to tend in our home. 

Relentlessly Pursuing Divine Sovereignty

The yoke of the Divine calls me. 

She gently pursues me, whispering in my ear the pleasures of sinking deeply into my truth self. 

Choose to be an echo of God’s grace.

Honor the eternal soul within and the eternal souls surrounding you. 

Choose life, above all. 

Continue to live and relentlessly support the holiness of the life that surrounds you. Remember this clarion call to support the lives around you.

38 days of Omer through time

5779 / 2019: Embracing your life’s purpose.

5778 / 2018: Witnessing the ordination of Rabbi Aviva Funke.

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