40 days of Omer 5780: Splendor of Foundation, Hod of Yesod

Today is forty days, which is five weeks and five days of the Omer in the year 5780. הוד שביסוד, Hod ShebeYesod, Splendor of Foundation.

Hod is the vessel which holds the refractions of the Divine that preceded it. How we carry forth the Source of Goodness, the Ground of Being. Yesod is the foundation of our exterior self: the personality and perspective we bring to the world. 

The strength to endure isolation

Even those of us who are sheltering with other people are experiencing isolation. 

Many of us are living into the reality that large communal gatherings will not be happening for quite a long time. How can we move forward without our beloved communities?

Today is a day to reflect the solitary journey. To gird myself with the splendor of Divine knowing. Relishing how deep knowledge can transform the prison of my personality. 

Choosing to create a holy vessel

I choose to let go.

Allowing my son to play with my hair throughout the day; accepting the lack of personal space or ability to control my own body. 

Deciding to meet rebellion with patience rather than anger. 

Relishing the laughter and chatter amongst my boys. 

Enjoying home cooking and delicious take out.

Staying in touch with family, reaching out to relations I never knew. 

Sinking into the splendor of grief; the depths of our bonds

I will not hide from my feelings and pain. 

I grieve the extended family vacation not occurring this summer. The swimming lessons put on hold for another year. 

The conversations silenced mid-sentence by death. 

Chatter stifled by terminal diagnosis. 

We will wade through these troubled waters. Some of us will not make it to the other side. Together, we shall rebuild; more reflective and resilient than we were two months ago.

40 Days of Omer before COVID-19

5779 / 2019: Sinking into the future we are building together.

5778 / 2018: Blissful, total presence with another.

5777 / 2017: Letting go of our material bonds to allow Divine splendor in.

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