Beautiful covenantal love, Day 3 of the Omer, Tiferet of Chesed

Today is three days of the Omer. תפארת שבחסד, Tiferet ShebeChesed, beautiful covenantal love. When you come home to the Ground of Being and sink into the Eternal Love of Goodness, your eyes are opened to beauty and truth that live beyond the horrors of our daily lives.

Not blind to the pandemic

I say this not to discount the suffering that surrounds us. The heaviness, the weight on our collective psyche as thousands die alone and millions experience food insecurity. I could write for days about all that is wrong with the world and all the ways political leaders have made the situation worse than it needs to be. But that’s not why we are here.  

Continuing my soul’s journey

We are here because despite the pandemic, there are those among us who are relatively healthy and who have enough security — physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically — to consider continuing our soul’s journey into depth and meaning. I am here to give myself a forty-nine day reset on life. Even as a student of religion, it is hard for me to be disciplined in my practice of religion. Between children, internship, and schoolwork — who has time to be pious in their observance? And so, my brokenness reaches out; searching the depths of all that is possible to understand all that I need to do in this moment to stay centered, to minimize yelling, and to help my family thrive.

Osher אשר: the soul-nourishing knowledge that God exists

This is the beauty of covenantal love. It is the אשר osher we chant about (ideally) three times a day. Not happy, happy, joy, joy. Rather, אשרי Ashrei is the deep, soul-nourishing knowledge that God exists, God’s love exists, and living in alignment with Goodness and Truth gives you strength and surrounds you with beauty.

A binding prayer

May we each find our way to a sacred covenant that binds us to the best version of ourselves, that guides us deeper on our life’s journey, and that allows even our darkest days to have glimmers of beauty and truth. 

This day has existed and will exist

5779 / 2019: Balancing the energies of overflowing love and clarifying boundaries.

5778 / 2018: Harmonizing all-encompassing love and discipline

5777 / 2017: A prayer for the fortitude to emulate harmonious love.

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