Reflecting on A Bissel of Judaism

For the final class of the Bissel of Judaism series, we reflected on the journey we’ve been on and how we’d like to use this information in the future individually and as a community. The conversation was specific to Temple Beth David, so I did not publish it on YouTube. Here is the portion of the class where I summarized the journey we’ve been on in this series of classes.


A Bissel of Modern Judaism

Over the last several months, I led a course at Temple Beth David on “A Bissel of Judaism.”

Please enjoy the video of the class on Modern Judaism. I owe so much of my knowledge to Dr. Bob Levy, his memory will forever be a blessing. Also important was the course I took on 21st Century Judaism with Cantor Dr. Jonathan Friedman. And of course, all of the discussions and retreats I have attended on the future of Judaism.


History of Reform Judaism

CCAR Platforms

Jewish Federation SGPV Keynote Speaker, Dr. Steven Windmueller on the “Current State of the Jewish Community:”