Chesed SheBe Chesed 5777

Chesed of chesed. Lovingkindness of Lovingkindness. The purest essence of love.

Being of service. Being present to the holiness of each living soul and helping to elevate each soul to its highest potential.

I begin the journey of counting the omer – now with apps to ensure the busyness of parenthood and rabbinical school doesn’t derail my intention to meditate deeply on the spiritual values that connect me to the deepest parts of myself and the holiness that surrounds us all.

My beloved chose Chesed as his Hebrew name. If you know him, you have the privilege of experiencing the embodiment of chesed. May we all have the courage to express our souls and support the souls of those around us as completely and unselfishly as Chung-Mau Cheng. I strive everyday to live up to his example. ❤💝

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