Covenantal Love within Beauty, 15 Days Omer 5782

Today is fifteen days, which is two weeks and one day of the Omer 5782. חסד שבתפארת, Chesed ShebeTiferet, Covenantal Love within Beauty. Beautiful things: whether visual, musical, poetic, prose, and living beings. Their beauty is touched by the covenantal love of HaShem. The art of nature and the art created by natural beings is enlivened by covenantal love.

Soul, Spirit, Still Small Voice

Let’s begin where most people agree: we discuss eras of time and say “there was a spirit of the age.” We understand what a politician means when they say “this is a battle for the soul of the nation.” Some of us are familiar with “heeding the call of the still, small voice within.”

What are all of these words pointing towards? Is there a clear definition that distinguishes one from the other? Where does the concept come from?

Pagan Greeks gave us the concept of the soul. I love telling people this because for me, this knowledge shattered the sharp distinctions in my mind between spiritual traditions. Neither Judaism nor Christianity would have a belief in the soul and the soul’s journey without pagan Greeks generally, and the Hellenistic Age that began with Alexander the Great.

For me, this factoid confirms that whatever we call the deepest part of ourselves, it is a universal aspect of being human. When we make space for the soul, our lives get calmer and our minds rest easier.

The Divine Births Beauty

Every creative innovation, every well-balanced equation, every artistic flourish is birthed by HaShem. It is the physical manifestation of the cosmic unity of all that exists. We are all made of star dust. May we make time to relish this every day.

Welcome the Overflow of Covenantal Love

The Jewish prayer formula is an ancient magic trick. It is a conduit. A way to make ourselves receptive to the Covenantal Love pulsing towards us. By acknowledging the Source of Blessing, we become infused with blessing. We are turned towards Goodness and gracefully stay anchored to the Divine spark within.

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Image by Quang Nguyen Vinh via Pexels.

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