Day Five of the Omer 5781: Splendor within Flow, Hod within Chesed

Today is five days of the Omer in the year 5781, הוד שבחסד, Hod ShebeChesed, Splendor within Flow.

Netzach and Hod are twin sephirot. They are the pillars of the Temple within, the legs of a person, creating space for the Ultimate to have an impact on the material world. Hod welcomes us to revel in a well-kept home and a well-ordered mind. Perhaps you Bullet Journal to stay focused on what is most important to you. Or you declutter your home and remove items that are no longer sparking joy. These activities are infused with Hod energy. By setting everything in its place, we create the opportunity for Divine Flow to enter our world.

Today, we begin to imagine using our expanded consciousness within material reality. We make space for others and reflect on clear communication. May you have the opportunity today to pause and reflect on one way you would like to transform your physical reality and one way to bring forward your authentic self into your relationships.

Books to guide the journey

Spiral of Day Five of the Ome

Moments of Splendor During a Pandemic, 5780 / 2020.

Clarifying the Nature of a Sephira, 5779 / 2019.

The Majesty of Every Day, 5778 / 2018.

A Prayer for Humility, 5777 / 2017.

Image by Enrique Lopez Garre via Pixabay.

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