Day Four of the Omer 5778, Netzach Shebe Chesed

Today is day four of the Omer, נצח שבחסד, Netzach ShebeChesed, Endurance / Victory in Love / Grace.

The essential elements of love are described in the first three days: the pure love of God, the grace that surrounds all of us; human love that is bounded by the recognition of the need to distinguish the beloved’s journey from your own; and empathetic love that speaks from pure love even when admonishing the beloved.

So now we root the value of love in the world. What can we commit to that will help love endure? What is the first step you can take to allow your thoughts, feelings, and actions to emanate from love? How will you set aside anger, fear, regret, and resentment to live fully in this moment and in the moments to come?

What will you say to adversity when trying to live as though your soul depends on the happiness you spread?

How do you respond in person to someone who disagrees with you politically? What is your social media policy towards people with whom you disagree strongly?

Live from grace / love in every interaction. Live with the confidence that your enduring love will not fade away. May you be blessed with enduring love. May you be graced with victory over your darker angels.

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