Day Three of the Omer 5777 Tiferet Shebe Chesed

Today is the third day of the Omer. Tiferet of Chesed, Harmony of Loving-kindness, Compassionate Love.

Through this sephira, we merge in perfect harmony the strict boundaries of Gevurah with the overflow of love in Chesed. Selfless Love finds itself in Tiferet of Chesed, giving though the other does not deserve our love, being of service even when our service is unnoticed.

Yesterday, I strayed far from the path of Chesed. My rhetoric focused on acknowledging only the struggles of people who walk my path and think in my logic patterns. May I always remember the souls who surround me are on their own journeys, with their own stumbling blocks. May I focus more on removing those impediments. May I always remember we each are doing our best. May I deepen my understanding of compassionate love and may I express it to everyone I meet, whether in person or online.

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