Enveloped in the Divine Presence, 49 Days Omer 5781

We entered the forty-ninth day, which is seven weeks of the Omer in the year 5781. שכינה שבשכינה, Shekhinah ShebeShekhinah, Indwelling of Divine Presence. The last night I require myself to create a public meditation into the depths of my reaction to the refractions of the Divine.

Public ministry, personal musings

These meditations allow me to sink into something beyond the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict, beyond my health concerns for those closest to me, beyond my own exhaustion at pandemic parenting. Many nights, I lose myself to doubt before I drag another few sentences out of my soul.

Rather than continuing my public reflections following this post, I am going to commit to the inner journey. Building the vessel within. Allowing myself to be available for revelation, consolation, and grace.

Reflecting on these seven weeks, I am a witness to death and a cheerleader of life, personal tragedy and public conflict weigh heavily on me. My soul yearns for communal, in-person prayer as a release for all of the spiritual turmoil within.

May I feel held by the Divine Presence, as She suckles me honey from the flinty rock.

Holding space for ethical mysticism

So many Jews hold fiercely to an agnostic identity that cannot be in relation with the mystical. I pray I can explain myself in words that do not alienate people from the core message yearning to be internalized.

Therefore, let my dedication to ethical mysticism have concrete outcomes. May we serve communities. Let us elevate the ideals that guide us, above the wealth around us. I pray we trust that the connection between us is real and lasts beyond the end of life. Love, Grace, Boundaries, Truth, Beauty, Eternity, Splendor, Humility, Foundation, Presence, and Sovereignty: may the values described in the emanations of the Omer help me live into the best version of myself. May I be a vessel of honest reflection and grounded service.

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Core Books for the Journey

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