Fifteen Days of the Omer 5779: Graceful Beauty, Empathetic Truth

Today is fifteen days, which is two weeks and one day of the Omer. חסד שבתפארת, Chesed ShebeTiferet, Graceful Beauty. חסד שבאמת, Chesed ShebeEmet, Empathetic Truth.

Choose concrete steps towards a better you

None of this matters if your daily life doesn’t change. The purpose of counting the Omer is identical to any spiritual practice: reflect on deep wisdom, analyze yourself, create a vision of who you want to be, take the steps to get yourself there. Thinking about how the human desires for meaning and connection can be manipulated has made me more hesitant. I don’t have answers – I will forever be a seeker of wisdom. I have many material reality abilities for which I feel confident in my skillset. The more I learn about inner depths and deep truth, the less confident I am in my ability to transmit the knowledge.

I can say that letting go and being present have been the greatest gifts for myself and for my family. I love that my son argues for more books before bed, regardless of the time (or how sleepy his older brother is). I know my duty and try hard to reserve my judgment when my husband sleeps through every single thing that wakes me up (the dog’s nails hitting the hardwood floor, the kid claiming to be hungry before 7 a.m.). This is the empathetic truth I have woken up to through counting the Omer. It doesn’t mean I always read stories before bedtime. Or that I’m perfectly calm in the morning. But I am more deeply accepting the grace that surrounds me and not shielding myself from what I once thought was its inevitable destruction.

Sink into the beauty that surrounds you

My yard is a mess. The grass and avocado trees are struggling. Yet, the roses still bloom. And the African daisies fill my front yard with gorgeous color. I am determined to sink into the beauty and allow it to propel me to support the rest of my menagerie better.

Create a Vision, Begin a Daily Practice

Omer counting is fleeting. No matter how long it seems, it is finite. I am determined to allow this time of refection to jump start the daily practice I have been yearning to achieve. May we each embrace the graceful beauty that surrounds us and allow ourselves to give birth to empathetic truth.

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