First Day of the Omer 5778

Today is one day of the Omer, חסד שבחסד, Chesed ShebeChesed. Grace of Grace, Love of Love.

The Sephirot we count for seven weeks are the essence of walking towards goodness. And so, we begin with the grace that allows us to purify our souls. We have fallen away from our best selves and we worry we are not worthy. We are distracted by our responsibilities, by the news, by our newsfeeds.

The holiness within us and surrounding us invites us to take time to refine our inner essence, to sink into the truth we already know. Grace surrounds us. Pure love beats within us. This is not about another person. This is about connecting to the love that pushed your soul into the world and to this day.

You are loved. You are full of grace. You do not need to change a thing about yourself to be worthy of love. This grace fills your being, emanates from your pores. Allow yourself a moment to explore the possibility that grace and love surround you.

When we sink into grace and love, our interactions with others are changed. Our thoughts and feelings deepen. Chesed ShebeChesed is not rose colored glasses. It is an eternal truth quietly ready for all to tap into.

May you feel grace. May you know you are surrounded by eternal love. May you share your grace and love throughout the day.

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