Five Days of Omer 5782, Splendor in Covenantal Love, Hod in Chesed

Today is five days of the Omer in the year 5782, הוד שבחסד, Hod ShebeChesed, Splendor within Covenantal Love.

Appreciate Splendor, Affirm the Source

It would be easy for me to focus on self deprecation today. Instead, I’ll remind myself and you that the week of Chesed is on reflecting on what is. How can each emanation of the Divine help us get closer to covenantal love? What does it mean to believe our relationship with the Source of Life requires something of us?

Hod represents the internal structures we create to hold space for Flow. It is the Splendor that surrounds us, even when we have our heads perpetually angled towards our smartphones. The feeling of a deep stretch or an intense hug: those are aspects of Hod.

And when we choose to honor the Splendor within us. When we affirm our own individual connection to the Source of Life, we are experiencing the Splendor of Chesed.

Virtually Visit a Museum

The Rijksmuseum is one of my favorites.

Or explore this collection of museum exhibits at Google Arts and Culture.

Sink into beauty today. Reflect on how splendor is an outpouring of the Source. Flow refracted through the artist’s vision, a hint at the Artist’s process.

Relish a favorite song, Sink into your splendor

No change is needed in the week of Chesed. This week, we are acknowledging what binds us to life. What do you choose to connect with? Has the soundtrack of your life changed over time?

When I was younger, I listened to a lot of angry and political music. Now, melody and soulful yearning speak to me. The songs that filled my youth are touchstones to people I used to be. Has your taste changed over time or remained stable?

May we all experience Splendor today and may we be reminded to honor the Source of Splendor.

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Image by Zetong Li via Pexels.

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