Forty days of the Omer 5777

Today is forty days, which is five weeks and five days, of the Omer. Hod of Yesod. Splendor of Bonding.

Rabbi Finley explains Hod as the tabernacle, priest, vessel of the prophetic word. And he teaches that Yesod is where energy becomes consciousness, your natural patterns / personality.

I think back to last Saturday and can’t believe I was across the country, welcoming in the week with a couple dozen rabbinical students from across the ideological spectrum. I think about how we are each trying to be a vessel for holy energy. I wonder if we pause enough in our studies to sink into the task ahead of us.

I think about my final presentation for my Bikur Cholim and Aveilut class (Jewish laws of visiting the sick and dying). I’ll be talking about the soul’s journey after death. I wonder if we bond too fiercely to our material possessions and material status to really penetrate the splendor of bonding. I worry we have almost lost the ability to connect to higher realms through prayer — instead relying on mindfulness meditation, as if prayer wasn’t the original mindfulness practice.

I crave more hours in the day. I hope in the coming years to learn how to be present with my family at the end of a semester. I know this year, I’ve failed. I worry about the chasm in my life — the intense bonding I feel toward my family, which is distinct from my bonding with rabbinical school. I hope to create a balance between them, even though I know there is never true balance with toddlers — only uncovering news ways to have patience.

May you feel the splendor of your personality today. May you connect with the holy sparks within and be a light for those you encounter.

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