Forty-four days of the Omer 5777

Today is forty-four days, which is six weeks and two days, of the Omer. Gevurah of Shechinah / Malchut, Discipline / Strength of the Divine Indwelling / Sovereignty.

When we create strict rules and hold ourselves and others to standards that cannot be upheld, we breed rigidity, disgust, and despair.

Much of my life was ruled by lower Gevurah, by anger and resentment and a belief in the superiority of my world view. Until I was able to break free of my ego’s prison, I was not able to love purely or participate meaningfully in life.

My ego’s desire for personal perfection is a demon I battle daily. What aspect of Gevurah enslaves you? Do you fear the power of judgment / anger, preferring to avoid it entirely? Are you sure your political values are more just than alternative priorities? How do you make space for others while holding fast to your convictions?

I aspire to the sovereignty of The Good. I aspire to be a vessel for the highest version of myself, the part of me that doesn’t get angry when someone cuts me off or goes too slowly because they care more about reading their phone than driving.

I want to have the strength to hold fast to this Tree of Life. To create space for others to grow into themselves and to accept the limitations other people choose to place on their growth.

May you experience the soul expanding, life affirming beauty of becoming a disciplined vessel of sovereignty.

For a concrete example of the ego’s limitations, the movie Dr. Strange provides an immersive experience. Set aside the problematic fears of cultural appropriation that chose a white woman over an Asian lead. This is my favorite film of 2016.

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