Forty-three days of the Omer 5777

Today is forty-three days, which is six weeks and one day, of the Omer. Chesed of Shechinah, Grace / Lovingkindess / Pure Love within the Indwelling of the Divine.

I’ll be honest – I counted the Omer last night (according to Jewish law, a day starts at sunset and the only way to say a blessing when counting the Omer is to count at night). And yet, I’m still finding it difficult to meditate for myself, let alone publicly, into this sephira. Nothing to do with the day / topic – everything to do with the sinus infection I’ve been pretending didn’t exist while I prepared for my finals.

One thing I know for sure — I need to spend more time reflecting on the inner light within, the pure grace that sparks that light, and how I can be a better vessel for the sovereignty of grace and love.

My children, my partner, the people I pass on the street — no one deserves to bear the brunt of my sickness. It is so hard to act from grace when you’re sick and your sleep is interrupted three times by a teething child. And yet, it is essential that I not let circumstances override my will to goodness.

I also recognize that I’m human and I’m never going to be perfect. This process, of discovering the eternal truths described by the sephirot, provides insight into the human condition. I am grateful for this roadmap, reminding me that the journey never ends. L’chaim! To life!

(Did you know that Chai — that ubiquitious Jewish word often found on necklaces — means “living,” not “life”? It is actually a modern amulet, warding off the evil eye / evil spirits and attaching the soul of the wearer to goodness. Though clearly, many people wear it as a simple sign of association with Judaism without knowledge of the spiritual implications of the word.)

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