Forty-two days of the Omer 5777

Today is forty-two days, which is six weeks, of the Omer. Shechinah / Malchut of Yesod, Indwelling / Kingdom of Bonding.

Can you feel the spark of holiness the illuminates your personality? Do you try to cultivate your connection to your higher self, the part of you beyond the ego’s wants and needs?

This is also the combination of the sephirot most closely connected to gender and sexuality. I think about the conversations I’ve had recently about creating spiritual spaces that are welcoming to non-binary expressions of gender. Judaism, like many religions, was created within a binary framework. Our sacred language, Hebrew, is gendered. Yet, can we truly reach our full potential within binary constructions? Many people see the social construction of gender and sexuality far too constricting.

However you define your gender and sexuality, does it contribute to your feeling of holiness and wholeness? Is it a source of trauma, bliss, or an amalgamation of the two? Do you separate your experience of sexuality from spirituality? Are you able to see your body as a temple, a perfect vessel for holiness — despite all of the cultural noise about the need to improve yourself? Advertising for diets, gyms, abnormally sized models — all contribute to doubting the holiness and perfection of your body right now. Not to mention the difficulty in seeing your body as perfect if you suffer from a chronic illness, particularly a life-threatening one.

Indwelling Bonding to the Divine. It exists within your cells. You are a source of good. You are attached to The Source of Good. May you take time today to honor the sacred bond of all that you are to all that will be.

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