Foundation of Covenantal Love: Six Days of Omer 5782

Today is six days of the Omer in the year 5782. יסוד שבחסד, Yesod ShebeChesed, Foundation of Covenantal Love.

This year, I am meditating on חסד, Chesed, as Covenantal Love. There are many ways to describe Chesed. I am choosing this traditional understanding of the term because I hope these meditations deepen my commitment to aligning myself with the Divine. Covenantal Love is the way we choose alignment with The Source, which is then reflected back on us as the Grace flowing into us.

Our human covenants reflect our eternal covenant

Who we choose to connect with.

How strongly we prioritize community.

When we choose to put our needs aside and focus on other people.

Surrounding ourselves with love and safety.

These are human covenants we can make with one another. By moving from individual to communal focus, we cleanse ourselves of the ego’s grip. The space we make for other people opens us up to the Indwelling Presence, the Shekhinah.

Living into the communal understanding of rhesus macaques

When I stare at this photo, peace envelops me.

I know that before any words, my foundation rests on sleep and love.

Like our primate siblings, I choose embracing the present and caring for my neighbors.

Image by Pavan Prasad via Pixabay.

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