Foundation within Flow, Yesod ShebeChesed: Day Six of the Omer, 5781

Today is six days of the Omer in the year 5781. יסוד שבחסד, Yesod ShebeChesed, Foundation within Flow.

Counting the Omer is a great pathway into Jewish spiritual engagement. For over half my life, I had no idea any of this even existed within Judaism. The energy of Yesod strengthens our resolve to bring forward these metaphysical concepts into our everyday lives.

Foundational Flow

How do you connect the metaphysical concepts of Goodness, Kindness, Strength, Boundaries, Beauty, Truth, Endurance, and Splendor into material reality? What is the foundation of your spirituality?

We all need more than beautiful platitudes. Pledging allegience to values — whether done three times a day in traditional prayer services, once a week on Shabbat, or once a year on the High Holy Days — means nothing without right action. Living into Divine Flow requires creating a foundation within ourselves for the Goodness that reaches towards us in every moment.

Choose Life

When I was younger, I owned a poster based on dialog from the movie Trainspotting. We all get to choose how we live our lives and what we prioritize in life. How can we become a conduit for our best selves? Do we choose to allow life to happen to us or do we take control of our feelings, thoughts, and actions? Do we prioritize external possessions or internal character traits?

Prayer for Foundational Flow

I pray for the discipline and will to build a Temple within myself. I pray to bring forward the best version of myself and to allow Divine Flow to move through me, creating a gracious demeanor and words of lovingkindness.

Six Days of Omer Spiraling Through Time

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Companions for the Journey

Image by Pok Rie via Pixabay.

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