Four Days of the Omer 5779, Netzach of Chesed, Enduring Prophetic Love

Two children by Cheryl Holt via Pixabay

Today is day four of the Omer, נצח שבחסד, Netzach ShebeChesed, Enduring Prophetic Love.

We move from contemplating the fundamental ways the Love of the Universe can be understood in the physical realm: pure love, clear boundaries, beautiful balance. Today, we allow our balanced, healthy selves to be conduits of the endless eternal love.

The Omer count is about mending the breaks within ourselves, repairing the harm we have caused to each facet of a sephira. Prophetic love can quickly turn into self-righteousness. How often have your conversations devolved into ad hominem attacks? Do you choose to speak with love, even to people with whom you disagree with vehemently? As Michelle Obama clearly stated – when they go low, do you go high?

How do you bring forth deep, pure Love into your thoughts, speech, and actions? Do you remember to tap into wonder, trust, and fairness? This is the innate trifecta of childhood that can be lost in the “growing up” process. Allow yourself to sink into the truths that came without contemplation in childhood. Slough off the anger, fear, and resentment that has accrued over the years. Choose to bring forth the highest version of your consciousness.

May we each find our way to becoming conduits of Everlasting Grace. May we proclaim the healing power and pulsating energy of the Love of the Universe. And in the moments where we are tested the most, may we hold fast to the highest version of ourselves.

Day Four of the Omer 5778: Live from grace / love in every interaction.

Day Four of the Omer 5777: May love endure and may we honor its triumph.

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