Fourteen Days of the Omer 5778

Tonight will be fourteen days, which is two weeks of the Omer. Shechinah of Gevurah, Indwelling of Power.

I am posting early in hopes of staying offline for Shabbat.

Many of us have difficulty acknowledging and asserting our own power. This can take the form of not recognizing our power over the state of our life. It can mean not acknowledging the power we have to mold space, to assert space. It can mean we hold back from speaking, allowing others a greater voice.

As we welcome the Shechinah of the Divine, the Indwelling of Holiness that rushes to greet us at the beginning of Shabbat, May you take time to appreciate and honor your own holy strength.

May you feel confident in your ability to hold space for others while asserting your own presence. And may you appreciate that sometimes, you need to take space and time for yourself.

May my husband and children have a peaceful and restful Shabbat. May you all enjoy rest and moments of peace today and throughout your journeys.

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