Hod of Netzach, the space that brings eternity into focus. 26 Days of Omer 5780

Today is twenty-six days, which is three weeks and five days of the Omer, in the year 5780. הוד שבנצח, Hod ShebeNetzach, Splendor of Endurance.

Netzach and Hod are the pillars of bringing the Divine into lived reality.

Having the vision to move towards the Good and the Holy: Netzach.

Creating a temple within yourself, clearing mental space and ordering physical space in alignment with that vision: Hod. 

Hod of Netzach, the space that brings eternity into focus. 

Allowing myself space to pray

Today, I allowed myself to sink into deep, contemplative prayer, uncovering painful and revelatory truths. 

I realized how deeply my ability to pray transformed through Davennen Leadership Training Institute. Sadly, the beginning of DLTI 11 is postponed. And I do not know when I will see that spirit family again in person. 

My Yetzer HaRa convinced me that prayer was not a practice I needed to seek if I could not sleep. Now I remember my soul yearns for the sweet suckle of Divine intimacy only available through the expanding flows of Jewish prayer. There is an order to the day that becomes clearer when benchmarked by Jewish services. Morning blessings, afternoon gift, evening kiss. 

Prayers for my family, my friends, and the world

Pain flows when I allow myself to sink into how much I miss the other people who help me thrive in this world. In particular, I wondered when I will see Yosef again, who lives in Baltimore and gives amazing hugs. He also gave me the most amazing gift, a copy of Siddur Masorti, an egalitarian Sephardic weekday prayer book, at the end of the fourth and final week of DLTI. I am so grateful we are eternally connected through our love of traditional prayer and egalitarian space. 

May we each find the way into self-reflexive meditation and contemplation that expands our souls and reminds us that we are on a journey through the splendor of eternity. 

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