Indwelling of Covenantal Love, Day 7 of Omer 5782

Today is the seventh day of the Omer, which is one week in the year 5782. שכינה שבחסד, Shekhinah ShebeChesed, Indwelling of Covenantal Love.

We are constantly surround by Love. Grace flows freely throughout the universe. The Flow waits for us to find it. Can you pause your scrolling long enough to embrace Eternity?

Making Space for Depth and Rest

The hardest thing to hold onto in the past few years has been sustained deep thinking. No longer bound to a schedule of Going Places, times has been filled by doom-scrolling. My brain flits from priority to priority, often taking longer than it used to before it settles down to a single task.

The seventh day of the Omer, which completes the first week of counting, is Shabbat. Our count follows the traditional Jewish way to count a week. The days of the week are numbers, counting towards the completion point of Shabbat. What could it mean to orient our minds in the same way? Towards a day of rest, completion, and fulfillment?

Embracing Positive Descriptions of Covenantal Love

So often, “covenant” is seen as a negative thing. As if individual / communal purpose negates the shared humanity of people outside of the covenant. The idea of being “chosen people” is offensive to some Jews. We should embrace the perennial Torah of those who choose to join our tribe. Jews by choice understand that this is a unique path. They embrace their identity with earnest delight. May we all find the way in which our spirituality enlivens us and helps us live into our depths.

Covenant of What?

Judaism actually has a dual physical covenant. It is not just brit hamilah, the covenant of circumcision of male genitalia. We also circumcise our lips, reminding ourselves that what we say deeply matters.

We circumcise our hearts, the traditional seat of thought and identity. We recognize that our egos must be checked. Our judgment must be tempered. We choose to be a conduit for Goodness. We seek Wholeness and Truth.

Some of us follow “traditional” Halakha. Others, use the Jewish Way as a roadmap to depth.

Personally, choosing to be bound by Judaism is the most life-affirming thing I have ever done. I am more capable of supporting all people and communities because my connection to my own community is firm. My covenant is with the people around me and the Indwelling Presence of God/dess.

God, Goddess, Rock, Presence

HaShem is beyond gender, so using gendered language cannot diminish the Essence, the Source of Life. I am not pagan because I occasionally use Goddess in my prayers (nor do I disparage pagans).

I seek authentic connection to all sparks within me: both the masculine and the feminine elements that connect me to the souls around me and Source of Souls.

God is my Rock. Perhaps sometimes I might hold a rock to remind me of the Source of Strength.

God is the Immanence, the intangible Presence of Flow and Grace. Beyond any visual or physical manifestation, I know Goddess is with me on my journey. Each year, each month, each day — I have the opportunity to shed a bit of brokenness and grow more deeply into who I am meant to be.

The Source of Life is the Inspiration calling forward my meditations. May we each listen to the voice within and bend towards the Grace seeking to flow through us.

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Image by Tom Fisk via Pexels.

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