Preparing for an Introduction to Talmud

On Shabbat, February 26, at 10am Pacific, we will meet for a class in the “Bissel of Judaism” series I created.

We are focusing on The Talmud and Rabbinic Judaism. No prior reading or knowledge required to join the session. Go to the Temple Beth David website and click on the orange flyer that looks like the above image to join our Zoom meeting.

The course participants asked for a reading assignment to prepare them for our next class.

For our class discussion we will be using a Sefaria source sheet. This sheet includes three passages of Talmud. I hope they feel meaningful and relevant.

Below is the introductory chapter from Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, zt”l, masterpiece The Essential Talmud. Please note: the below PDF is only the first chapter of the book, pages 3-8. I highly recommend purchasing the book. This copyrighted material is shared for educational purposes only, under fair use guidelines.

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