Nine Days of the Omer 5779, Strength of Strength

Today is nine days, which is one week and two days of the Omer. גבורה שבגבורה, Gevurah ShebeGevurah, Strength of Strength, Judgement of Judgement, Discipline of Discipline.

There is a lion within each of us. It fiercely pursues the path of righteousness. With steadfast courage, it prowls and leaps, sure that it is sovereign and will conquer everything it faces.

Gevurah pursues The Good or The Other Side

That strength pursues the good and the holy. It can also be twisted and torn and turned toward the Other Side, the Sitra Achra.

Evil is not The Other. Evil is Gevurah torn away from its place within the emanations of the Divine. A part of Gevurah always yearns to be free of the boundaries set upon it by the other sephirot. While we may never conquer evil, we can do better at containing it.

The battle within

When we are afraid of our own power, we depress. When the world overwhelms us, depression covers us with a warm blanket of nothing. First, we must conquer the battle within against depression, self doubt, and heaven forbid, self-loathing.

When we rise from the inner battle, we must have a clear vision of the world we are trying to create, of the person we want to be. It is from the strength of our vision that we can face the evil that confronts us beyond ourselves. We must be willing to let down our protective stance and let love in. Know every moment contains the option to turn towards the good.

Teshuvah: turning towards the good

Teshuvah waits patiently for us with every breath. Ever vigilant, we know it is possible for humans to change, for them to choose the path of goodness. And so, we do not despair. We stand rooted in our strength and choose to move forward with meaning and hope.

This day happened before

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