Nineteen Days of the Omer: Splendor of Beauty

Today was nineteen days, which was two weeks and five days of the Omer. הוד שבתפארת, Hod ShebeTiferet, Splendor of Beauty.

Ephemeral moments define us. The pull of prayer, the calm embrace of eternity. I reached heights as a teenager without understanding what was happening. Because I had no words for the spiritual and mystical pull of Jewish prayer, my cynical brain infantilized the experience, declaring me duped.

The Splendor of Beauty within Judaism pulled me back into living within my full self. It reminded me that I am not at the center of my story. My purpose is deeper and bigger than the breaths of my life.

I honor those who came before me, bearing witness to eternal truth. I am humbled to be walking in their footsteps. And I pray that my voice brings a fraction of the splendor of beauty within Judaism to a wider audience.

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