Seven Days, One Week of Omer 5779: Sovereignty of Love

When Love is Sovereign, we flow in the river of the universe. When Love is Sovereign, we dance with angels. When Love is Sovereign, the ocean of time moves with us and we are at peace.

Today is seven days of the Omer, which is one week.  מלכות שבחסד, Malchut ShebeChesed, Sovereignty of Love.

It is so easy to deny Love’s sovereignty. It is so easy to get caught up in daily reality, to allow cynicism and pessimism and righteous indignation to rule. That is the path of the Yetzer HaRa, the Inclination towards Evil, the Shaping of Destructiveness. There is logic in evil. There is justification in its petty ruthlessness. It is the shadow behind love, the doubt that lurks behind every strongly held belief.

We cannot ignore doubt. Pretend the Shadow doesn’t exist and it will grow stronger. Instead, we must honor it, support it by listening to it, and maintaining a healthy space for it in our lives. Let it know it is still wanted, still accepted as a part of the whole. But there can be only one Queen. And She is Love.

Completing the Path of Love

Tonight, we enter the final day of the first week of the Omer. We complete the circle of understanding the highest sephira in our count. Three sephirot emanate before Love existed, but they are beyond these days. The Crown, The Wisdom, and The Understanding exist beyond words and before words. Understanding gives birth to Love. Love enters the material realm, bring forth the deep knowledge that came before Her. And She contains everything that will come after her.

As we enter the Holiest Day of the Year, the day that graces us with her presence every week, the Day of Rest, שבת, Shabbat, we reflect on all we have learned about Love and about ourselves.

Love contains discipline, boundaries, balance, beauty, truth, endurance, splendor, prophecy, foundation. It is sovereign and it is immanent. When we allow Love to be Sovereign in our lives, we allow the Grace of God to flow through us.

Our human connections are precious. And we purify them by first taking the time to purify ourselves. By rooting our thoughts, speech, and actions in Love, we make ourselves better partners, colleagues, parents, and friends.

Acknowledging the Sovereignty of Love

Acknowledging love’s sovereignty means recognizing the limits of human bonds. Each human bond is precious and holy. Yet, if we do not take the time to work within ourselves, those bonds will strangle us and our loved ones. May we allow ourselves a momentary break from our obligations, our passions, and our beloveds. May we sink into the Love that flows through the universe

This day brings many ideas

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