Seven Days, One Week of the Omer 5778

Today is seven days of the Omer, which is one week of the Omer. מלכות / שכינה שבחסד, Sovereignty / Indwelling of Grace / Love.

As we allow שבת, Shabbat, to settle within us, we welcome the Presence of Love in our lives.

How do you manifest love in your words and actions?

Do you feel the Presence of Grace so deeply that you are able to extend that knowledge to the world around you? What blocks you from fully accepting grace? Does the idea feel foreign? Can you imagine a love so pure it does not require anything in return and is always surrounding you regardless of what you do? That is the Presence of Grace connected to this day.

What we choose to make sovereign in our lives is what binds us. Our actions can be mindless, we can choose to solely pursue material gain, we can become so enslaved to our work or our phones that the idea of a value being sovereign seems preposterous.

As humans, we cannot expect to walk the path perfectly. Rather, we can choose to make empathetic, disciplined, whole-hearted love sovereign. We can choose the Kingdom of Grace as our dwelling place.

May you have a joyful and soul nourishing Shabbat. And may the Sovereignty of Love reveal itself to you.

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