Seventeen days of the Omer 5777

Today is seventeen days, which is three weeks and three days, of the Omer. Tiferet of Tiferet; Compassion of Compassion.

Like all of the sephirot, multiple words are used to describe tiferet, including truth and beauty. Whatever word you choose, today is the day to contemplate its inner essence.

Rabbi Simon Jacobson says: “True compassion is limtless. It is not an extension of your needs and defined by your limited perspective. Compassion for another is achieved by having a selfless attitude, rising above yourself and placing yourself in the other person’s situation and experience.”

Real talk: on days when I’m with one or both of my kids all day, I have no idea how to come close to doing this. By the end of the day, I stop seeing the pure love that drives my baby to hug me All Day Long. And it gets quite difficult to feel selfless towards my spouse, who was with adults all day.*

As much as I still believe Chesed is the perfect name for my beloved, I am glad compassion of compassion is the sephira I’ll be meditating on during his birthday. He shows me every day the strength and pure beauty of selflessness.

*Not working is a work in progress for me…I know how stressful working is and I know I am negating all the ways working in advertising can be extremely stressful with that comment. I’m trying to be honest in these posts – not perfect.

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