Seventeen days of the Omer 5778

Today is seventeen days, which is two weeks and three days of the Omer. תפארת שבתפארת, אמת שבאמת, רחמים שברחמים. Beauty of Beauty, Truth of Truth, Compassion of Compassion.

Pure Beauty is watching my four year-old’s excitement sounding out the Hebrew words of counting the Omer. Pure Truth is knowing we thrive in community, that our pets notice when we go away, and that a pet could be the most excited family member to see you when you return. Compassion is holding space for shattered souls, mourning souls, happy souls, lonely souls. Presence without judgment.

May you sink deeply into a beautiful Truth today. May you be surrounded by compassion. And may you have the strength and grace to be a holy presence to those around you.

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