Thirty-five days of the Omer: Indwelling of Splendor

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Today is thirty-five days, which is five weeks of the Omer. שכינה שבהוד, Shechinah ShebeHod, Indwelling of Splendor.

I had no idea what to write tonight, so I scrolled through Facebook instead of writing or sleeping. And then, I re-read my meditations from previous years. I’d like to continue the thread I started two years ago, describing the Splendor that surrounds us and gives us life.

Everything material has a soul. Everything that can be seen physically connects to the spiritual world. When electrons disappear and reappear, they are moving through the spiritual realm. I never took a physics class – the closest I got to understanding how atoms work was AP Chemistry. You don’t have to agree that science and spirituality are explaining the same phenomena in different languages. For me, this works. The interconnectedness described in science fiction is real. We can choose to wake up to the bonds between us; or we can choose to stay asleep.

Indwelling of Splendor begins with accepting our interconnectedness. What can you do today to make space for holy splendor? How will you slow down long enough to hear splendor whispering to you?

I will bask in communal prayer and camaraderie. And then I will delve into some holy conversations on lost objects (to summarize what I learned in my Talmud class this semester). I hope it isn’t shocking that I write on Shabbat (since after all, I am posting this on Shabbat). It is one of many areas of Halacha that I have made a conscious choice to go another way. May your path to the Sovereignty of Splendor nourish your soul’s journey.

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