Thirty-six days of the Omer 5777

Today is thirty-six days, which is five weeks and one day, of the Omer. Chesed of Yesod. Love / Grace of Foundation / Bonding.

What do you cleave to in your life? Did you have a happy childhood, full of appropriate levels of parental bonding and family bliss? Or (more likely) were there bumps along the way? Are you naturally wary of other people, always keeping your guard up?

I invite you to imagine cleaving to another person in a healthy, loving way. Imagine selfless love connecting you to one another, and to a larger community. Imagine the depth of meaning this type of foundation would infuse in your life. This is one aspect of Rabbi Sid Schwarz’s theory of covenantal community: mutual obligation in support of a shared vision.

The Grace of the Divine, the selfless love of the universe, can also infuse your bonding towards a moral, ethical life, bringing more light into the world. May the intensity of all that has gone before this day help you create a healthy bond with another person, based on mutual respect and responsibility.

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