Thirty-three days of the Omer 5778

Today is thirty-three days, which is four weeks and five days of the Omer. That means it’s Lag B’Omer![1] הוד שבהוד, Hod of Hod, Splendor of Splendor.

In case you’re my mom and wondering how much longer I’ll be writing these posts, counting lasts seven weeks, 49 days. So we’ve got 16 more days.

Hod brings the majesty of Gevurah and the Grace of Chesed and the Beauty / Truth of Tiferet / Emet into this world. It is particularly connected to Prayer, and along with Netzach (Eternal Endurance, Directed Will) forms the pillars of the Mishkan, the Tabernacle we make for the Divine within ourselves.

What is your essential prayer for yourself, the people with whom you interact, the world? Does your prayer connect you to the concealed mystery that is the source of all? Do you have space for awe and reverence in your daily life? How do you maintain your reverence when faced with difficult people or stressful situations?

*[1]Lag B’Omer is a minor Jewish holiday you’ve probably never noticed even if you’re Jewish. Don’t worry, I won’t take your Jew card away. It means 33rd of Omer. The Hebrew letter lamed ל is equivalent to 30, while gimmel ג is three. Together they make 33.

Several things are reported on the day. The most important is that it is a time of celebration when bonfires are lit. We take a break from our somber preparation for Shavuot with this day.

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