Three Days Omer 5782: Harmonious Covenantal Love, Tiferet in Chesed

Today is three days of the Omer in the year 5782. תפארת שבחסד, Tiferet ShebeChesed, Harmonious Covenantal Love. Flow, Alignment, Oneness With All: When we allow grace to flow through us, we acknowledge the beating heart of the universe. Aligning ourselves with the Indwelling Presence, we reimagine ourselves into new life.

Enter the Mikveh of Your Soul

A mikveh is living water. It is a natural body of water, or it is a human-made structure constantly refilled with water from natural sources. It is the physical immersion into wholeness and rebirth. By immersing in a mikveh, we can reconnect with the body surrounding us and fully internalize our connection to the world around us. A Jewish mikveh is the seed which sprouted Christian baptism.

To be clear: I am not trying to merge two distinct religions. Nor am I saying that Christianity is superior to any other religion. What I am saying is that Jewish ritual immersion existed for a long time before Christian baptism was formalized and that my people’s tradition was the inspiration for the Christian ritual.

Flow, Counting the Omer, Recognizing Patterns

Whether we immerse physically or within the confines of our imaginations, connecting to The Source by visualizing the Flow of Water is healing. We are not trying to Immediately Change Ourselves. Nor are we trying to denigrate ourselves for perceived flaws. Counting the Omer is a process through which we reconnect with the root of ourselves. We meditate on different aspects of sefirot in order to recognize what is going on around us: globally, nationally, locally, within our homes, and within our bodies.

Harmonious Covenantal Love

What does it mean to choose covenantal love? Love that expects us to align our thoughts, feelings, and actions with Truth and Goodness. We are not granted grace by saying a magic formula of beliefs. We experience grace through action, through our own work to align ourselves with Flow.

By recognizing the pull of The Essence of the Universe, the Becoming, we experience covenantal love.

When we hold our insecurities lightly, we move towards harmony.

Enjoying physical reality and the beings around us, harmony flows through us.

Combining our need for beauty with the clarity of truth, we make space for a clearly balanced Chesed.

May we stop expecting Sharp Change in our first week.

Let us relish observations and sink into the counting of 5782.

The world is on fire, our future is uncertain, and the bravest thing we can do is commit to self reflection and growth. Each day, each week, each season is an opportunity for us to turn more fully towards the people we are meant to be. Join me on this journey inward. Only by purifying ourselves can we be worthy of bending the moral arc of the universe towards justice.

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Image by Ian Turnell via Pexels.

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