Touching Eternal Beauty at a Safe Social Distance: Day 18 of the Omer 5780, Netzach ShebeTiferet

Today is eighteen days, which was two weeks and four days of the Omer, in the year 5780. נצח שבתפארת, Netzach ShebeTiferet, Eternity of Beauty, Enduring Truth.

Reality in Week 7 of Social Distancing

We are in our seventh week of social distancing. My family has been particularly circumspect in our movements. Our eldest son did not want to watch the CNN Sesame Street Coronavirus town hall, but he was sure it was too dangerous to get in the minivan today to go to a farm. Eventually, I was able to convince him and he went along with his brother and father on an adventure to pick up produce and sundries at Tanaka Farms. This might be our new family adventure — finding other farms that are relatively close for curbside pick up seems to be a good way to keep our car batteries from dying. 

I am so proud of how strong my young children have been throughout this. They have not regressed much. Occasionally, I even get to sleep in. Usually, I’m woken up by the youngest climbing into bed and playing with my hair. Today was an incredible day and I had the extreme luxury of sleeping until 8:45 a.m.

Making Time for Eternity

Tonight begins another day (according to Jewish time). Eternity exists and sits patiently, waiting for me to breathe deeply and allow her the space to enter me. I can sit on this precipice and wail my anxiety. Or I can stand and hold a child, re-enacting Lion King. 

Enduring Truths of My Life

I can remember that the enduring truths of my life: My call to be attuned to my spiritual journey and the journey of the souls around me. Sacred duties: parent and spouse. The honor to be in a loving family and embracing communities. 

My prayer for today

I pray that we each have time today, for a moment, to reflect on the enduring truths that guide our lives.

May we have compassion with ourselves and each other.

Let us experience moments of deep joy and fleeting laughter.

Praying for complete healing of body and soul for all those who are experiencing illness.

May there be an easy passing from this world to the next for all those who have left this mortal coil. 


I deeply aspire to creating conscious communities. Yet, in the four years since I first read this book, I realize how aspirational this rubric is. I still think every one should read this book. I just want to be compassionate with myself for not living up to the ideals espoused within it.

In other words…

5779 / 2019: Exploring the meaning of enduring truth.

5778 / 2018: Create beautiful order to make space for grace.

5777 / 2017: Praying for enduring compassion.

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