True Divine Presence: 45 Days Omer 5781

Today is forty-five days, which is six weeks and three days of the Omer, in the year 5781. אמת שבשכינה. Emet ShebeShechinah. Truth of Divine Presence. How can we trust the reality of God when so much destruction is done in Her name? Where is God during illness, pandemics, and violence?

God is with us on the journey

The Divine does not cause my actions, nor does She condone violence. The Eternal One is the Source of Life. She breathed life into being. The Essence of Being is the Divine. Imagining the No-Thing-ness, Ain Sof, in human terms creates certainty for some believers. My understanding stops at Presence. She / They / He accompany us on the journey of life. God surrounds us with love and acceptance. God grieves with us, celebrates with us, and doubts alongside us. Wherever we go, She is there.

May We Sink into the Truth of Divine Presence

Let us live as though the Images of God surrounding us matter. Each of us is a shadow of the Divine, B’tzelem Elokim. May each life have equal importance to us. Let us do all we can to preserve life.

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