Truth within Gratitude, 31 Days Omer 5782

Today is thirty-one days, which is four weeks and three days of the Omer in the year 5782. תפארת שבהוד. Tiferet ShebeHod, Beauty of Splendor; אמת שבהוד, Emet ShebeHod, Truth within Gratitude. This is not blind humility or a false front for the sake of appearances. Within true Gratitude, Truth pulses. What Truth guides you towards Gratitude? How can we maintain a positive attitude when evil and chaos exist?

The Rainbow Connection

I don’t have to believe in the Bible as literal truth to appreciate rainbows as a sign of God’s love for living things. The Splendor of a rainbow draws us back to our true selves. That’s why there is a special blessing when you see a rainbow. A rainbow is a reminder both of God’s presence and our ability to be present to values beyond physical reality.

בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה ה’ אֶלוֹהֵינוּ מֶלֶךְ הָעוֹלָם זוֹכֵר הַבְּרִית וְנֶאֱמָן בִּבְרִיתוֹ וְקַיָם בְּמַאֲמָרוֹ

Baruch ata Ado-nai Elo-heinu melech ha’olam zocher ha’brit v’ne’eman bivrito v’kayam b’ma’amaro.

Source of Blessing are You, HaShem, our God, Sovereign of the Universe, who remembers the covenant, and is faithful to His covenant, and keeps His promise.

(text for the rainbow blessing with slight translation changes via Chabad.)

What Truth Pulls You Towards Gratitude?

The innocence of children.

The deep thirst for knowledge.

The fierce embrace of a six-year-old.

The anxiety of an eight-year-old.

The love of a beshert, a soulmate.

May you find the Truth that pulls you toward Gratitude.

The Spiral of 31 Days of Omer…

Celebrating Outlander and my beshert, 5781 / 2021.

Pandemic reality, Mother’s Day, 5780 / 2020.

The yoke of the Divine holds beautiful splendor, 5779 / 2019.

Prayer uncovers deep truth, 5778 / 2018.

Soulful community creates beautiful truth, 5777 / 2017.

Image by Cindy Lever via Pixabay.

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