Twenty days of the Omer 5777

Today is twenty days, which are two weeks and six days, of the Omer. Yesod of Tiferet. Foundation of Beauty / Truth / Compassion.

Are virtues ideas that sound good when your world is calm, but disappear during times of stress? Have your rooted your knowledge in action? Are you deeply committed to creating space for Truth and Beauty in the world? Have you created Enduring Compassion?

It is so much easier to meditate on the emanations of the Divine than it is to live these truths throughout the day. Tiferet is the synthesis of love and strength, grace and discipline. Transforming one’s actions, thoughts, and feelings to be grounded in that synthesis is daily work.

This is what my teacher, Rabbi Finley, means when he speaks about creating a daily practice. We need to reflect on our lives, on the way we interact with people, on a daily basis — in order to learn from our mistakes, role play in our minds how to handle tough situations, and nurture the foundation that allows us to act from within the emanations of the Divine.

I hope to enjoy bonding compassionate truth into my interactions with everyone. Starting with my internal dialog about myself through my interactions with my partner, parenting my children, helping to lead minyan, and engaging with my fellow students and learned teachers — I will create a better foundation for beautiful truth in my life and in the world.

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