Twenty days of the Omer: Bonding of Beauty

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Today was twenty days, which was two weeks and six days of the Omer. יסד שבתפארת. Yesod ShebeTiferet. Bonding of Beauty. Foundation of Truth.

Beauty is essential to life. Beauty intensifies our connections, to our core values, to the world, and to each other.

When we align ourselves with deep beauty, we align ourselves with the Divine emanating into material reality. True beauty is intrinsically connected to the Source of Creation. Beauty uncovers depth, creates the opportunity to pierce the veils and discover deep truth.

This is why I am so attracted to nusach, traditional ways of chanting Jewish prayer. The beauty of flowing together with generations of seekers, moving towards the same goals of expanding love, deeper knowledge, and pure connection.

It is why the theatre pulls me in — the revelation of experiencing art being created live, beautifully articulating the deep truth of humanity. (And it is why bad theatre tears at my soul.)

May you find the beauty that provides a foundation for your experience of truth.

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