Twenty-eight days of the Omer 5778

This count is early so I can turn off Facebook for Shabbat.

Today will be twenty-eight days, which is four weeks of the Omer. מלכות שבנצח, שחינה שבנצח. Malchut of Netzach, Shechinah of Netzach. Sovereignty of Eternity, Indwelling of Eternal Will.

Four weeks. Almost half-way through counting. And this Shabbat, we bask in the Presence of the Divine. In the surety that the will we have been meditating on is connecting to the Eternal.

Revel in the knowledge that the truth you are discovering was meant for you. Share the joy of this deep wisdom with those around you. Be a conduit of love and rest from work if you can. May your day be filled with the holy presence of loved ones and may you be at peace with your journey. שבת שלום! Shabbat shalom!

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