Twenty-five Days of the Omer: Eternal Will

Today is twenty-five days, which is three weeks and four days of the Omer. נצח שבנצח, Netzach ShebeNetzach. Eternal Will.

The flow I hope to swim in has been coursing through my veins since before my veins existed. I may not have been planned; but I have always been planned. My narrative has no through line, and yet it has the eternal through line: HaShem has been calling me into the best version of myself since before I was born.

בת קול, Bat Kol, Daughter of Voice. Traditionally, the time of the prophets closed when the Book of Prophets closed. No Jewish leader since then has been a Prophet, though many have had a prophetic voice. We say they heard the Bat Kol, the Daughter of HaShem’s Voice. It’s a murmur, a whisper in the background, the still small voice that speaks to you from within when you are deeply immersed in prayer or meditation or prayful meditation.

Bat Kol is the source of my eternal will. I have been striving to live deeply within Jewish wisdom my entire life. And yet, life pulled me away many times. Trusting my connection to my eternal will is a struggle. I live with anxiety and fear about the present and the future. May I allow myself to swim with my eternal will and enjoy the flow.

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