Twenty-four days of the Omer 5778

Today is twenty-four days, which is three weeks and three days of the Omer. תפארת שבנצח, Tiferet ShebeNetzach, Beauty of Eternity, Truth of Endurance.

The eternal victory of Wisdom, Discernment, and Understanding; the three supernal Sephirot, emanations so holy and so devoid of human feelings and emotions that they are not incorporated into the Omer counting. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my explanation of the Divine is not easily categorized. The truth that I seek to make space for in this world is enduring, holy, and absolute. Yet, it also shows seventy different and equally valid faces. The paradox of my eternal values that point towards the Cause of Being are deep.

And what is the point of counting forty-nine days? We aren’t farmers; we no longer need to know when to harvest our wheat. (7 weeks after the first barley harvest, ICYMI.)

What’s my purpose in writing? I don’t expect many people to commit to counting the Omer simply because I tell you about it. After all, my counting wasn’t faithful until I started writing posts about it last year. But I do hope you’ll join me in defining the values that you hold closest. What are you striving to create in the world? Who is the person you want to be? How do you fall short of your ideals? What will help you achieve enduring victory?

May this post bring you closer to the truth you are seeking. May you feel the depth of community that surrounds you; the multitudes of people searching for meaning. And may the Cause of Being suckle you, nourish you, sustain you, on your journey.

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