Twenty-nine days of the Omer: Grace of Splendor

Today is twenty-nine days, which is four weeks and one day of the Omer. חסד שבהוד, Chesed ShebeHod, Grace of Splendor.

We begin a new week of the Omer. While every emanation contains multitudes, Hod is a particularly amorphous sephira. The twin pillar of the Temple, Hod stands alongside Netzach, Eternal Endurance. Hod is prophecy and it is prayer. Join me in reflecting on prayer this week. It was the theme I chose last year, and frankly, it is the urtext of my journey.

Rav Chayim of Volozhin wrote The Soul of Life. The complete book was translated into English by Eliezer Lipa Moskowitz. Today, I read a few sections for my Jewish thought class. Here are some highlights:

And the matter of the word “blessed” is not an expression of attributing glory and giving praise as is commonly accepted among the masses…

However, the truth is that ba-rookh, its meaning is an expression of increase and expansion….

…that “ba-rookh ah-tah YHV”H“, its meaning is to draw forth and cause the flow of life [force] from the Source of Life to the name of the Holy One (blessed be He)…

The Soul of Life, p200-202

To be blessed is to increase and expand. Expand beyond the limitations imposed on us, by ourselves and by others. Break free of the chains of bondage. Walk upright, without shame, towards the person you are.

From the wellsprings of life we come. The Source of Life is always available, and I have the opportunity in each moment to flow with Goodness and Light. I choose whether to lean into my cynicism or my sincerity. I pray that I choose Life.

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