Twenty-three days of the Omer 5777

Today is twenty-three days, which is three weeks and two days, of the Omer. Gevurah of Netzach, Discipline in Eternity.

Where does evil come from? It comes from the system of upside-down emanations that broke off from Gevurah. When discipline turns rigid and careful judgement becomes righteous indignation, you begin to glimpse the web of lies that spawned evil.

The distinction between discipline and destructiveness is particularly difficult to maintain when you’re tired. I lived through it this morning. I was brutal and totally out of control.

Every night I pray for healing – I pray that the cracks I have caused in this particular sephira can be mended and that I will feel the overwhelming abundance of holiness that surrounds us on a daily basis.

The truth is, none of my meditating matters if I forget the key to endurance: sleep.

May you have a good night’s sleep. May my son learn the joy and intense pleasure of sleeping through the night. May I break the habit of raising my voice to my children — it doesn’t work and just gives me a sore throat. May we all find healthy boundaries to guide our enduring search for wholeness.

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