Twenty-three days of the Omer: Disciplined Endurance

Today is twenty-three days, which is three weeks and two days of the Omer גבורה שבנצח Gevurah ShebeNetzach, Disciplined Endurance.

We are constantly battling the Yetzer HaRa, the inclination towards destructiveness. This force, which resides in each person is cunning. It’s logic seems sound and following its advice feels pleasurable in the moment. Sleep a little longer, have more dessert, ignore responsibility and enjoy life.

It is important to make space for the Yetzer HaRa. Denying its existence, burying it, makes it more powerful. So if, like me, you are struggling with discipline ask yourself: am I truly ready to change? Is it important for me to love myself now, as I am, rather than beating myself up for not living up to the standard I want to achieve?

Sometimes, strength means more than discipline. Sometimes, it means being strong enough to accept life just as it is.

And while you accept yourself, consider when and how you could open yourself up to new vistas. As my semester rapidly approaches its end, I am looking forward to a summer full of possibility. There is so much for me to do in my time off, I am afraid I will schedule too much and not accomplish half of my goals. So first, I will brainstorm all of my ideas. Then, I’ll prioritize them. And then, I’ll schedule them.

I’m still recovering from a crazy draining allergy attack. I know I won’t magically transform today. But I can meditate on the life-nourishing power within endurance. And I can savor the ways I have already transformed myself towards the person I want to be.

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