Twenty-two days of the Omer: Lovingkindness of Eternity

Today is twenty-two days, which is three weeks and one day of the Omer. חסד שבנצח, Chesed ShebeNetzach, Lovingkindness of Eternity.

Contemplating and Creating Eternal Endurance

This is the beginning of a new week of contemplation. Netzach means endurance. It also means eternity. It is the emanation of will, of bundling up all that comes before it and creating it in the material world that surrounds us. This is a week of action. Of concrete steps towards the person I want to be.

My connection to public meditation is altered. I understand that I am articulating something universal, while also revealing deep personal cracks that are not normally seen in people aspiring to become clergy. The reality is, I don’t have a road map for life. There’s no instruction manual for being a mother (though plenty of people will sell you books on parenthood). There’s no instructions for a meandering career path that leads to full-time student status at mid-life.

Creating Concrete Goals

This I know for sure: I thrive within routine. I blossom when I pray. My kids prefer to have a conversation rather than threats. (That’s the extent of my parenting advice; and I’m still learning how to implement it.)

Mother’s Day Reflections

I think a lot about people whose lives do not start from lovingkindness. Who feel unwanted, or are abandoned. I pray this Mother’s Day is not too hard for them. I wonder what foster kids do during obligatory Mother’s Day art time at school.

I also wonder what kids in loving families that do not include a mother do. I pray single-dad families and queer families feel fully supported.

I pray we mothers who have to work or go to school on Mother’s Day do not feel guilty for supporting our families and supporting our dreams. Our families know we love them and appreciate them every day of the year.

I pray…

I pray to remember to use my voice with kindness, to speak lovingly even when I am passionate. I pray to use this time when my vocal cords need rest from too much coughing as a reminder to slow down and consider the words that I speak before they leave my head.

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