Two Days of the Omer 5777

Today is the second day of counting the Omer. Jewish days begin at sundown and the traditional laws require you to count and say the blessing at night, when the day begins.

I’ve often wondered about this. My guess is that it is important to set your intentions for the day before going to sleep, so your unconscious has the holiest possible thoughts to interpret. This is also why my addiction to Facebook / staring at this phone at night is so dangerous.

In any event, today is Gevurah of Chesed. The discipline required in love. If you give too freely, you will lose yourself in another person’s wants and needs. You may smother the agency of your beloved. Clear boundaries are needed to ensure we can each thrive. This is also helpful in understanding that there are natural limits to how much any other person determines the course of our life. Parents, lovers, teachers, abusers, politicians — there are boundaries between them and the essence of our loving kindness.

May we have the courage to honor and glorify the boundaries of our love today.

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